Testing campaign 2015

The 1st testing campaign will take place at CERN 16 - 27 February 2015.

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Technical meeting: development and integration for testing campaign

Technical meeting to prepare for the 2015 testing campaign will take place at CERN 5 - 6 November 2014.

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Midterm Review and Technical meeting

EDUSAFE Midterm Review and Technical Meeting will take place at CERN 16 - 20 June 2014.

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Spring School

EDUSAFE Spring School will take place at CERN 3 - 7 March 2014.

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Kick-Off Week

EDUSAFE Kick-Off Week will take place at CERN 28 October - 1 November 2013.

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Technical Meeting in Tuscania

EDUSAFE Technical meeting in Italy will take place in Tuscania, Italy 5-8 June 2013.

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Kick-Off Meeting

EDUSAFE's kick-off meeting will be organized at CERN on Monday 17th of September, 2012.The goal of the meeting is to outline the scientific scope of the project and give a short overview of the administrative procedures.

The 1st Supervisory Board will be held as part of the kick-off meeting.

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The scientific objective of this project is research into advanced augmented and virtual reality technologies for a personnel safety system platform, including features, methods and tools. The aim is to technically advance and combine several technologies and integrate them as integral part of a personnel safety system to improve safety, reduce errors and decrease the time needed for scheduled or sudden interventions

The research challenges lie in the development of real-time (with time-lags less than human interaction speed) data-transmission, instantaneous analysis of data coming from different inputs (vision, sensors), interaction with multiple on-site users, complex interfaces, portability and wearability, wear/tear.

The result will be an integrated wearable VR/AR system (+control system), which can be implemented and tested as a prototype in CERN's existing LHC Personnel Safety System.

The research in EDUSAFE is grouped into 4 different Work Packages.

Work Packages

Work Package 2: Virtual and Augmented Reality technology development

This WP focuses on WRM (Weighting Resistor Matrix) chip development, which consists of a short-term phase where the software driven methods, that could provide a sufficient Augmented Reality support to the Personal Supervision System (PSS), are optimized. Also the possibilities for hardware acceleration by means of the WRM system will be studied as a future capability.

Work Package 3: Safety system modularity

WP3 focuses on studying the scalability and adaptability potential of the hardware and the software of the PSS module, the Control System and the Data Acquisition system for other markets and different types of environment. Focus is also on the safety system modularity and integration aspects.

Work Package 4: Safety system enhancement Research

WP4 concentrates on enhancement of the safety system by integrating the gamma radiation imaging features together with the associated dose rates calculation codes. WP4 will also focus on designing and setting up a flexible 3D display infrastructure and on developing new methods of human-machine -interaction and user interface commands.

Work Package 5: Technology assessment and Exploitation

WP5 studies how a technology prototype, in this case prepared for the CERN extreme environment, can be transferred to other industry sectors and how to develop and introduce a planning tech-development strategy, which incorporates possible technology transfer potential from the start.